Banner o Angolae

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Banner of Angola syne 1975. Banner Ratio: 2:3
Banner o the umwhile movement an nou governing pairty MPLA

The naitional banner o Angolae came intae uise at unthirldom on November 11, 1975. It is split horizontally intae an upper reid hauf an a lawer black hauf.

As in some ither African kintras, this banner is a modification o the rulin pairty's banner. The guerilla movement an later governin pairty, the Popular Movement for the Liberation o Angolae (MPLA), uised the same design wi a golden star in the center. Red stood for socialism an black for Africae. The star wis modeled efter the red star o the Soviet Union, which sponsored the MPLA.

Later the explanation wis made less pairty-specific: The reid is for the bluid spilt bi Angolans durin thair unthirldom struggles, while the black is for the continent o Africae. The seembol in the middle is o a crossed cog wheel (representin wirkers an industry) an machete (representin the peasantry) wi a gowd star. It wis adoptit durin a time when Angolae haed a Marxist govrenment, an thus wis supposed tae evoke the image o the hammer an sickle foond on the banner o the umwhile Soviet Union, a common seembol o Communism. The banner is maist recently describit an explained in airticle 162 o the Constitutional Law o the Republic o Angolae (Constitution) o August 25, 1992.

2003 proposal[eedit | eedit soorce]

This banner wis proposed in 2003.

In 2003, a new, mair "optimistic" banner wis proposed bi the Parliament's Constitutional Commission o the Naitional Assembly (Angolan Parliament), which sae far haes no been formally adoptit. The sun design in the middle is meant tae be reminiscent o cave paintins foond in Tchitundo-Hulu cave. The banner, while radically different in design an seembolism, maintains the same banner proportions o 2:3.[1]

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