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The naitional banner o the Republic o Chad (French: Drapeau du Tchad, Arabic: علم تشاد‎) is a vertical tricolor consistin (left tae richt) o a blue, a yellow an a red field. Blue wis substitutit for green tae avoid confusion wi neighborin states. The basic design is the same as that o the banner o Romanie, the banner o Andorrae, the banner o Moldovae, an the banner o Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario, Canadae.

Blue seembolizes, offeecially, the sky, hope, an water; yellow the sun an the desert tae the north o the kintra; red progress, unity, an sacrifice. Red an aa recaws the blood shed for independence. RGB colours values are, respectively, 12-28-140, 252-209-22 an 206-17-38.[1]

The banner wis adoptit bi law # 59/13 for the autonomous republic[2] an retained on independence in 1960, an in the constitution o 1962. Despite mony poleetical upheavals athin Chad since independence, the banner haes no been chynged. This mey be acause the banner is no associatit wi ony o the main pouer rivals athin Chad, haein haed nae sense o naitional identity afore independence, an tae a lesser extent efter independence.

The banner wis offeecially adoptit on 6 November 1959.

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