Banner o Moldovae

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The state banner o Moldovae is a vertical tricolor o blue, yellae, an reid, chairged wi the coat o airms o Moldovae (an eagle hauldin a shield chairged wi an aurochs) on the centre bar. The obverse is mirrored. The banner ratio is 1:2. Till faur proveesions, the State Banner o Moldovae is uised as the naitional banner an ensign as well, that is, ceevil, state an war banner an ensign[1][2].

The blue, red, an yellae tricolor o Moldovae is amaist identical tae the banner o Romanie, reflectin the twa kintras' naitional an cultural affinity. On Moldovae's banner the yellae stripe is chairged wi the naitional airms. Lik the Romanian coat o airms, the Moldovan airms, adoptit in 1990, features a daurk gowden eagle hauldin an Orthodox Christian cross in its beak. Instead o a sword, the eagle is hauldin an olive branch, seembolisin peace. The blue an reid shield on the eagle's chest is chairged wi the traditional seembols o Moldova: an aurochs' heid, flanked bi a rose at dexter an a crescent at senester, an haein a starn atween its horns, aw o gowd. Thir twa naitional banners are an aa vera seemilar tae the banners o Chad an Andorrae, which are aw based on vertical stripes o blue, yellae, an reid.

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