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Banner ratio: 1:1.618 (or 500:809)

The banner o Togo wis adoptit on Aprile 27, 1960. It haes five equal horizontal baunds o green (top an bottom) alternatin wi yellae. Thare is a white five-pointit starn on a reid square in the upper hoist-side corner. It uises the popular pan-African colors o Ethiopie, but the design resembles the banner o Liberie which itsel echoes the banner o the Unitit States.

The banner wis designed bi airtist Paul Ahyi an approximates a golden rectangle closely.[1] Ahyi (1930 – Januar 4, 2010) wis regardit as the greatest African airtists in the contemporary field. Born in Togo, Ahyi graduatit frae the École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts[2] in Paris in 1959 an returned tae Togo. He designed the banner o Togo while wirkin on ither contemporary wirks.[3]

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