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Banner o Niger

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The Banner o Niger haes been the naitional seembol o the Wast African Republic o Niger syne 1959, a year prior tae its formal unthirldom frae Fraunce. It uises the naitional colors o orange, white an green, in equal horizontal baunds, wi an orange rondel in the center. The banner forms ane o the offeecial naitional seembols o the Republic o Niger, wi the coat o airms o Niger, the Naitional Anthem ("la Nigérienne"), the crest (uised in the centre o the coat o airms), an the devise: "Fraternité, Travail, Progrès". Thir form Article 1 o the first pairt o the 1999 Constitution o Niger.

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Prior tae unthirldom frae French Wast Africae, the banner o Niger wis adoptit bi the Territorial Assembly o the Niger Colony on 23 November 1959, shortly afore proclamation o the Republic athin the French Community on 18 December 1959. The banner wis designed in 1958. It wis retained upon unthirldom in 1960 an haes remained unchynged throu the 1999 Fift Constitution


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A nummer o soorces hae describit the seembolic intent o the banner, awtho offeecial soorces are silent upon this. A common interpretation is that the upper orange baund represents the northren regions o the Sahara Desert (tho this is whiles said tae be the Sahel), the centre white baund represents purity (tho this is whiles said tae be the River Niger), an the lawer green baund represents baith hope an the fertile regions o soothren Niger. The orange circle in the centre baund is said tae represent the sun or unthirldom.[1]

Niger's banner is a tricolour, in common wi ither umwhile dependencies an colonies o Fraunce.

The banner's traditional portrayal wi an unuisual aff-square ratio is o unkent significance an is no uised consistently in prent applications o the Nigerien govrenment.[2]


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