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The coat o airms o Niger shows a fower-pairt flag drapin in the naitional colors orange, white, an green. In the middle, the state seal is arranged. On a white or gold shield the fower golden seembols are shown. In the middle, there is a sun, tae the left there is a vertical spear wi twa crossed Tuareg swords, tae the richt are three pearl millet heids an unnerneath is the frontal view o a zebu heid. Unner the coat o arms, there is a ribbon bearin the name o the kintra in French: Republique du Niger. While the constitution o Niger stipulates the color o the seembols upon the shield, there is nae uniformity on the color o the shield. The 1999 Constitution reproduces the text o earlier constitutions, makin a distinction atween the Seal o State (Le Sceau de l'État) for which nae shield colour is stipulatit an the Coat o Airms o the Republic (Les Armoiries de la République) for which Sinople is stipulatit as the shield colour.[1] Sinople is analogous tae Vert (Green) in heraldry, but offeecial biggins an documents dae no display green shields. Embassies an offeecial documents uise white, wi gold emblems. The wabsteid o the Preses o Niger uises gold or yellow wi daurk gold or black emblems. The Naitional Assembly o Niger meets belaw a lairge coat o airms wi the shield coloured gold an the emblems in a daurker gold.[2][3]

Meanin o the colors an seembols[eedit | eedit soorce]

There hae been several meanings proposed for the colours o the Nigerien naition, but there is nae constitutional reference tae these meanings. Commonly, these meanings are described as

  • Orange: staunds for the Sahara Desert on the northren border o the kintra.
  • Green: staunds for the grass plains in the sooth an wast, which the Niger River flows through.
  • White: staunds for hope. For the Niger State it additionally seembolizes the Savanna region.

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