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Coat o airms o Nigerie

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The Coat o Airms o Nigerie haes a black shield wi twa white stripes that come thegither, lik the letter Y. Thir represent the twa main rivers flowin throu Nigerie: the Benue River an the Niger River. The black shield represents Nigerie's guid earth while the twa horse on each side represent dignity. The eagle represents strength, while the green an white baunds on the tap o the shield represent the rich agricultural land o the inspirin kintra. The yellae flouers at the base (incorrectly shawn as reid in the image) are Costus Spectabilis, Nigerie's naitional flouer.

It coud be blazoned sable a pall wavy argent, supportit bi twa horse Argent, an set for a crest on a wreath, Argent an Vert, an eagle displayed gules.