Coat o airms o Liberie

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The Coat o Airms o Liberie consists o a shield containin a picture o 19t century ships arrivin in Liberie. The ship seembolizes the ships that brocht the freed slaves frae the Unitit States tae Liberie. Abuin the shield the naitional motto o Liberie appears on a scroll: The love of liberty brought us here, an belaw the shield anither scroll contains the offeecial name o the kintra, Republic o Liberie.

The plow an the shovel represent the dignity o labor an haurd wirk throu which the naition will prosper. The risin sun in the backgrund represents the birth o a naition. The palm tree, the naition's maist versatile soorce o fuid, represents prosperity.

The white dove wi a scroll represents the breath o peace.