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Coat o airms o Gabon

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The coat o airms o Gabon wis designed bi the Swiss heraldist an vexillologist Louis Mühlemann, ane o the foondin members o the FIAV an an' a' designer o the umwhile coat o airms o Congo. It haes been in uise syne 15 Julie 1963.

The supporters o the seembol are panthers which seembolise the vigilance an courage o the preses who protects the naition. The bezants (gowden discs) in chief o the shield seembolise the mineral walth o the kintra. The ship at the lawer pairt represents Gabon muivin towards a brichter futur. The okoumé tree at the tap o the shield seembolizes the timmer tred.

The coat o airms is unuisual in haein twa ribbons wi mottos in twa different leids. The ribbon belaw the shield haes a motto in French 'UNION, TRAVAIL, JUSTICE' ('Union, Wirk, Juistice'). The seicont ribbon is placed beneath the branches o the okoumé tree an haes a motto in Laitin 'UNITI PROGREDIEMUR' ('Let us go forrit unitit').