Coat o airms o Sooth Africae

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The present coat o airms o Sooth Africae wis introduced on Freedom Day 27 Aprile 2000. It replaced the earlier naitional airms, whilk haed been in uiss syne 1910.[1] The motto ǃke e: ǀxarra ǁke is written in the Khoisan leid o the ǀXam fowk an translates literally tae "diverse fowk unite". The previous motto, in Laitin, wis Ex unitate vires, translatit as "unity is strength".

Coat of Arms of South Africa 1910-1930.png Coat of arms of South Africa (1930-1932).png Coat of arms of South Africa (1932–2000).svg
1910−1930 1930−1932 1932−2000

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