Coat o airms o Chad

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The Coat o Airms o Chad wis adoptit in 1970. The center haes a shield wi wavy blue an yellae lines, wi a sun risin ower it. The shield is supportit bi a gait an a lion. Belaw the shield is a medal an a scroll wi the naitional motto in French, Unité, Travail, Progrès ("Unity, Wirk, Progress" in Scots).

The wavy lines on the shield are representative o Lake Chad, an the sun risin ower it represents a new beginnin. The gait on the left represents the northren pairt o the naition, while the soothren pairt is representit bi the lion. Danglin frae the bottom o the shield is the medal for the Naitional Order o Chad.

Thare an aa exists a separate state seal or emblem o Chad, which haes a black-an-white design consistin o a circle wi the wirds "République du Tchad – Unité, Travail, Progrès" surroondin a depiction o the heid an upper body o a tribal girl wi her hair in cornrows.[1]

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