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Coat o airms o Kenyae

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The coat o airms o Kenyae features twa lions, a seembol o pertection, hauldin spears an a traditional East African shield. The shield an spears seembolise unity an defence o freedom. The shield contains the naitional colors, representin:[1]

  • Black for the fowk o Kenyae
  • Green for the agricultur an naitural resoorces
  • Red for the struggle for freedom
  • White for unity an peace.

The middle reid strip bears a rooster hauldin an axe, which accordin tae local customs, denotes a new an prosperous life.

The shield an lions staund on a silhouette o Munt Kenyae containin in the foregrund examples o Kenyae agricultural produce - coffee, pyrethrum, sisal, tea, maize an pineapples.

The coat o airms is supportit bi a scroll upon which is written the wird 'Harambee'. In Swauheely, Harambee means "pullin thegither" or "aw for ane". It is the cry o the fishermen as thay draw thair nets towards the shore. The same wird is echoed bi aw ane when a collective effort is made for the common guid, such as helpin a faimily in need, or the construction o a schuil or a kirk.

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