Coat o airms o the Central African Republic

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The Coat o Airms o the Central African Republic consists o a shield in the center, wi twa banners on its edges, an wi a sun risin ower the shield. Belaw an abuin the shield are banners, an thare is a medal locatit ablow the shield as well.

Seembolism[eedit | eedit soorce]

ZO KWE ZO, the motto in Sango, means "A man is a man" or "Aw fowk are fowk".

The elephant an the baobab tree represent naitur an the backbone o the kintra. The gowd starn on a cairt o Africae seembolizes the poseetion o the Central African Republic. The haund (bottom richt quarter) wis the seembol o the dominant MESAN pairty in 1963 when the airms wur adoptit. The bottom left quarter haulds 3 diamonds, which seembolise the mineral resoorces o the kintra.

The medal unner the shield is the honorific decoration o the Order o Central African Merit.

An earlier version o the coat o airms haed the wirds "1er DECEMBRE 1958" written athin the sun.[1]

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