Coat o airms o Libie

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Efter the collapse o the Gaddafi regime in the Libie ceevil war, Libie currently daes no hae an offeecial coat o airms. The Naitional Transitional Cooncil uises a seal or logo tae represent itsel, but while its Constitutional Declaration o August 2011 defines the Banner o Libie, it daes no mak ony proveesions for a coat o airms.

Seal o the Naitional Transitional Cooncil[eedit | eedit soorce]

Seal o the National Transitional Cooncil

The Naitional Transitional Cooncil, supportit as the legitimate admeenistration bi the Unitit Naitions syne September 2011,[1] uises a seal tae certify offeecial documents. The emblem depicts a crescent muin an starn, represented in the colors o the Libie banner uised bi the NTC (red, black, an green), wi the names o the cooncil المجلس الوطني الانتقالي (al-majlis al-waṭanī al-intiqālī, "The Transitional Naitional Cooncil") an o the state ‏ليبيا (Lībiyā, Libya) displayed in Arabic an Inglis.[2]

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

Kingdom o Libie (1951–1969)[eedit | eedit soorce]

The "Croun o Libie" emblem uised frae 1952-1969

The emblem o the Kinrick o Libie, kent as the "Croun o Libie", wis uised frae 1952-1969.

The constitution o the Kinrick o Libie o 1952 in airticle 7 describes the banner, but no the emblem. Nae offeecial description is available at present (due tae the restrictions placit on govrenment airchives syne the military coup o 1969), an the design is reconstructit frae mony variants in shape an colour schemes. The design as representit in offeecial govrenment soorces o 1952-1969, which describes the emblem, is as follaes:

  1. Upper croun adorned wi a white Crescent an five-pointit starn at its summit, at which five visible side frames oreeginatin frae a ring at the base converge. The starn studdit base an frame contain a velvet black heid cover lik object.
  2. The Upper croun is supportit at its base bi twa ornate plantar designs; in the form o three intertwined C an S scroll shapes.
  3. Twa massive “Shoulder” frames contain the body o the croun frae the richt an left [...]. Each side is a complex formation o intertwined branches in the shape o an S Curve, which is essentially twa back-tae-back C scrolls; the muckler ane o which terminates in a muckle bonnie spiral at the tap. [...]
  4. The backgrund colour o the muckle interior belaw the upper croun can be white or transparent, awtho this is no evident in the pictur o the Libie pund. The backgrund colour o the center region surroondin the muckle white crescent an starn is black as in the center stripe o the Libie banner.
  5. A white ring wi thin black borders, surroonds the center muckle white crescent an starn.
  6. Nine five-pointit white starns surroond the center ring.
  7. Lairge white crescent.
  8. Five pointit starn locatit well abuin the perimeter o the crescent. This differs frae the banner, which places the starn at the extremities o the crescent.
  9. A lawer crown, seatit abuin the ring containin the central crescent an starn. Its design is identical tae the upper croun, except for bein smawer in size.
  10. Plantar/ floral ornamentation seemilar tae #2 abuin, providin variation an connectivity tae the base.
  11. At the base, an ornate design that resembles a document scroll wi a ring tee at its center. It is notit that the colour scheme o the croun is maist likely white for the starns an crescents, black an white (or transparent) for spaces, an gowd for the crouns an frames. [...]

The upward-pointin white crescent an starn on black backgrund is taken frae the traditional banner o the Senussi dynasty.

Libie unner Gaddafi[eedit | eedit soorce]

In 1970, Libie adoptit a coat o airms seemilar tae that o Egyp (the "Eagle o Saladin"), while in 1972 the Federation o Arab Republics unification plan led Libie tae adopt a coat o airms seemilar tae that o Sirie (the Hawk o Quraish, or emblem o the tribe o the prophet Muhammad). On Libie's exit frae the Federation in 1977 (tae acome the "Great Socialist Fowk Libie Arab Jamahiriya"), the coat o airms o the Federation wis chyngit tae reflect the new green banner o Libie an aw adoptit at that time, while the hawk wis chyngit tae face in the ither direction. The phrase اتحاد الجمهوريات العربية (ittiħād al-jumhūriyyāt al-`arabiyya "Federation (literally Union) o Arab Republics") still remained written on the banner clutched in the feet o the hawk.

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