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Banner o Zimbabwe

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Dimensions o the banner: 1:2

The banner o Zimbabwe wis adoptit on Aprile 18, 1980. The soapstone bird featurt on the banner represents a statuette o a bird foond at the ruins o Great Zimbabwe. The bird seembolises the history o Zimbabwe; the reid star beneath it seembolises the revolutionary struggle for liberation an peace.


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Offeecially, the meanings o the colours on the banner are as follaes:

  • Green: the agriculture an rural auries o Zimbabwe
  • Yellow: the wealth o minerals in the kintra
  • Red: the bluid shed durin the first an seicont Chimurenga (wars)
  • Black: the heritage an ethnicity o the native Africans o Zimbabwe
  • White Triangle: peace
  • Zimbabwe Bird: The Naitional Seembol o Zimbabwe
  • Red Star: the naition's hopes an aspirations for the future (as well as ZANU-PF's socialist beliefs)

The colours are uised on the banner o the rulin ZANU PF pairty.