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The banner till Mairch 1, 1961

The banner o Mali (French: Drapeau du Mali) is a tricolor wi three equal vertical stripes. Frae the hoist,(or the place whaur the flagpole meets the banner) the colours are green, gowd, an reid, the pan-African colors. Note that this banner is identical tae the banner o Guinea wi the exception that the colors are in reverse order.

The current banner wis adoptit on Mairch 1, 1961. The oreeginal banner wis adoptit on Aprile 4, 1959, when Mali joined the Mali Federation. This banner wis the same, except the gowden stripe haed a human stick figure, a kanaga, in black, wi airms raised tae the sky. The figure wis removed acause o Islamic aniconism, the belief against makin pictures o the human figure. (Mali is aboot 90% Muslim.) The banner adoptit in 1959 for the Confederation wis an imitation o the banner o Ghana, but follaein the style o the French Tricolore. It wis chynged wi a black emblem kent as a kanaga, a stylized human figure. The colors wur intendit tae reflect a unity wi ither African naitions. Efter the twa kintras split up in 1960, the banner wis kept for uise in Mali till Mairch 1, 1961, when the kanaga emblem wis dropped.

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