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Republic o Mali
République du Mali (French)

Mali ka Fasojamana (Bambara)
Banner o Mali
Emblem o Mali
Banner Emblem
Naitional motto: "Un peuple, un but, une foi"
"Ane fowk, ane goal, ane faith"
Locaition o Mali
Location o Mali
Offeecial leid French
Caipital Bamako
Lairgest ceety Bamako

Heid o State -
Prime Meenister -

Semi presidential republic

Preses o Mali Ibrahim Boubacar Keïta

Modibo Keita

Area 1,240,192 km (478,839 sq mi)
Population 14,517,176
Foondin 4 Aprile 1960
Siller Wast African CFA franc (XOF)
Time zone UTC +0
Naitional anthem Ee Mungu Nguvu Yetu
"O God of All Creation"
Naitional flouer
Patron saunt
Internet TLD .ml
Cawin code +223

Mali (/[unsupported input]ˈmɑːli/), offeecially the Republic o Mali (French: République du Mali, /ma'li/ ), is a landlocked kintra in Wastren Africae. Mali borders Algerie on the north, Niger on the east, Burkina Faso an the Côte d'Ivoire on the sooth, Guinea on the sooth-wast, an Senegal an Mauritanie on the wast. Its size is juist ower 1,240,000 km² wi a population o 14.5 million. Its caipital is Bamako.

Mali consists o aicht regions an its borders on the north reach deep intae the middle o the Sahara, while the kintra's soothren region, whaur the majority o inhabitants live, features the Niger an Sénégal rivers. The kintra's economic structure centres aroond agricultur an fishin. Some o Mali's natural resources include gowd, uranium, an saut.

Present-day Mali wis ance pairt o three Wast African empires that controlled trans-Saharan trade: the Ghana Empire, the Mali Empire (frae which Mali is named), an the Songhai Empire. In the late 19t century, durin the Scramble for Africae, Fraunce seized control o Mali makin it a pairt o French Sudan. French Sudan (then kent as the Sudanese Republic) gained unthirldom in 1959 wi Senegal, as the Mali Federation. A year later, follaein Senegal's athdrawal frae the federation, the Sudanese Republic declared itsel the independent Republic o Mali. Efter a lang period o ane-pairty rule, a 1991 coup led tae the writin o a new constitution an the establishment o Mali as a democratic, multi-pairty state. Aboot hauf the population live belaw the internaitional poverty line o US$1.25 a day.[1]

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