Bambara leid

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Spoken natively in Mali
Region central soothren Mali
Ethnicity Bambara
Native speakers 4 million  (2012)[1]
10 million L2 speakers
Spoken tae varyin degrees bi 80% o the population o Mali
Leid faimlie
  • Mande
    • Wastren Mande
      • ...
        • Manding
          • East Manding
            • Bambara–Dyula
              • Bambara
Writin seestem Laitin, N'Ko
Leid codes
ISO 639-1 bm
ISO 639-2 bam
ISO 639-3 bam
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The Bambara (Bamana) leid, Bamanankan, is a lingua franca o Mali spoken bi perhaps 15 million fowk, 4 million Bambara fowk an aboot 10 million seicont-leid uisers.

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