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Togolese Republic

République Togolaise (French)
Coat o airms o Togo
Coat o airms
Motto: "Travail, Liberté, Patrie"[1] (French)
"Work, Liberty, Homeland"
AnthemSalut à toi, pays de nos aïeux  (Script error: The function "name_from_code" does not exist.)
"Hail tae thee, laund o oor forefaithers"
Location o  Togo  (dark blue) in the African Union  (light blue)
Location o  Togo  (dark blue)

in the African Union  (light blue)

and largest city
6°7′N 1°13′E / 6.117°N 1.217°E / 6.117; 1.217
Offeecial leidsFrench
Recognised naitional leidsEwe • Kabiyé
Ither leidsMina • Dagomba
Ethnic groups
99% Ewe, Kabye, Tem, Gourma, an 33 ither African groups
1% European, Sirio-Lebanese[2]
GovrenmentUnitar dominant-pairty presidential republic
• Preses
Faure Gnassingbé
Victoire Tomegah Dogbé
LegislaturNaitional Assemmly
• frae Fraunce
27 Apryle 1960
• Total
56,785 km2 (21,925 sq mi) (123rd)
• Water (%)
• 2017 estimate
7,965,055[2] (99t)
• 2010 census
• Density
125.9/km2 (326.1/sq mi) (93rde)
GDP (PPP)2017 estimate
• Total
$12.433 billion[3] (150t)
• Per capita
GDP (nominal)2017 estimate
• Tot
$4.797 billion[3]
• Per capita
Gini (2011)46[4]
HDI (2015)Increase 0.487[5]
law · 166t
CurrencyWast African CFA franc (XOF)
Time zoneUTC+0 (GMT)
Drivin sideright
Cawin code+228
ISO 3166 codeTG
  1. Siv as Ewe, Mina an Aja.
  2. Lairgest are the Ewe, Mina, Kotokoli Tem an Kabre.
  3. Maistly European an Sirian-Lebanese.
  4. Estimates for this kintra expleecitly tak intae accoont the effects o excess mortality due tae AIDS; this can result in lawer life expectancy, heicher infant mortality an daith rates, lawer population an growthe rates, an chynges in the distribution o population bi age an sex nor wad itherwise be expectit.
  5. Rankins based on 2017 feegurs (CIA World Factbook – Togo)

Togo (/ˈtoʊɡoʊ/ ( listen)), kent offeecially as the Togolese Republic, , is a kintra in wast Africae bordered bi Ghana tae the west, Benin tae the east an Burkina Faso tae the north. It extends sooth tae the Gulf o Guinea, on which the caipital Lomé is locatit. Togo covers an aurie o approximately 57000 km2 (22,000 sq mi) wi a population o approximately 6.7 million. Togo is a tropical, sub-Saharan naition, heichlie dependent on agricultur, wi a climate that provides guid growin saisons. While the offeecial leid is French, there are mony ither leids spoken in Togo, particularly those o the Gbe family. The lairgest releegious group in Togo are those wi indigenous beliefs, but there are significant Christian an Muslim minorities. Togo is a member o the Unitit Naitions, African Union, Organisation o the Islamic Conference, Sooth Atlantic Peace an Cooperation Zone, La Francophonie an Economic Community o Wast African States.

Frae the 11t tae the 16t century, various tribes entered the region frae aw directions. Frae the 16t century tae the 18t century, the coastal region wis a major tradin centre for Europeans in search o slaves, earnin Togo an the surroondin region the name "The Slave Coast". In 1884, Germany declared Togoland a protectorate. Efter Warld War I, rule ower Togo wis transferred tae Fraunce. Togo gained its independence frae Fraunce in 1960.[6] In 1967, Gnassingbé Eyadéma led a successful military coup, efter which he became preses. At the time o his daith in 2005, Eyadéma wis the langest-servin leader in modren African history, efter haein been preses for 38 year.[7] In 2005, his son Faure Gnassingbé wis electit preses.

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