Sooth Atlantic Peace an Cooperation Zone

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The Sooth Atlantic Peace an Cooperation Zone (abbreviation: ZPCAS; Spaingie: Zona de Paz y Cooperación del Atlántico Sur; Portuguese: Zona de Paz e Cooperação do Atlântico Sul; cried the Zone o Peace an Cooperation o the Sooth Atlantic an aw) wis creatit in 1986 throu a UN resolution on Brazil's initiative, wi the aim o promotin regional cooperation an the maintenance o peace an security in the region. Particular attention wis dedicatit tae the quaisten o preventin the geographical proliferation o nuclear weapons an o reducin an eventually eliminatin the military presence o kintras frae ither regions.

A Declaration on the Denuclearization o the Sooth Atlantic wis adoptit at a meetin o member states o the zone held at Brasília in September 1994. The U.N. General Assembly endorsed this but the U.S., U.K., an Fraunce wur opposed. Aw o the states in the Zone are nou covered bi the African Nuclear Weapons Free Zone Treaty which extends tae aw African kintras' territorial waters or the Treaty for the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons in Latin America and the Caribbean which extends tae islands as far east as the 20t meridian wast, while the far sooth Atlantic (pairt o the Soothren Ocean) is denuclearized bi the Antarctic Treaty. Housomeivver, several Mid-Atlantic Rig islands, the Breetish owerseas territory o Saunt Helena an its dependencies Ascension Island an Tristan da Cunha, an Norawa's Bouvet Island are no covered bi ony o those three treaties.