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Soothren Ocean

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The Soothren Ocean

The Soothren Ocean (cried the Great Soothren Ocean, Antarctic Ocean, Sooth Polar Ocean an Austral Ocean an aa) comprises the soothrenmaist watters o the Warld Ocean, that is generally taen tae be sooth o 60°S latitude an encirclin Antarctica.[1] It is regardit as the fowert-mucklest o the five principal oceanic diveesions (efter the Paceefic, Atlantic, an Indian Oceans, but lairger nor the Arctic Ocean).[2] This ocean zone is whaur cauld, northward flowin watters frae the Antarctic mix wi warmer subantarctic watters.

Geografers disagree on the Soothren Ocean's northren boondary or even its existence, wi mony considerin the watters pairt o the Paceefic, Atlantic, an Indian Oceans insteid. Ithers regaird the Antarctic Convergence, an ocean zone which fluctuates seasonally, as separatin the Soothren Ocean frae ither oceans, rather nor the 60t parallel.[3] Australie authorities regaird the Soothren Ocean as lyin immediately sooth o Australie.[4][5]


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