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The Indie Ocean, nae includin the Antarctic region.

The Indie Ocean is the third lairgest o the warld's oceanic diveesions, coverin approximately 20% o the watter on the Yird's surface.[1] It is boondit bi Asie—includin Indie, efter which the ocean is named[2][3][4][5]—on the north, on the wast bi Africae, on the east bi Australia, an on the sooth bi the Soothren Ocean (or, dependin on defineetion, bi Antarctica.)[6]

As ane component o the Warld Ocean, the Indian Ocean is delineatit frae the Atlantic Ocean bi the 20° east meridian runnin sooth frae Cape Agulhas, an frae the Paceefic Ocean bi the meridian o 146°55' east.[7] The northrenmaist extent o the Indian Ocean is approximately 30° north in the Persie Gulf. The ocean is nearly 10,000 km (6,200 mi) wide at the soothren tips o Africae an Australie, an its aurie is 73,556,000 km² (28,350,000 mi²),[8] includin the Reid Sea an the Persie Gulf.

The ocean's volume is estimatit tae be 292,131,000 km³ (70,086,000 mi³).[9] Smaa islands dot the continental rims. Island naitions within the ocean are Madagascar (the warld's fowert lairgest island), Comoros, Seychelles, Maldives, Mauritius, an Sri Lanka. The archipelago o Indonesie borders the ocean on the east.

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