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Antarcticae[eedit | eedit soorce]

Antarcticae is a continent at the dowp o the yird. The wather's gey cauld. Maist o Antarcticae is happit wi ice an snaw maist o the year. Gey few fowk stays there, cept in the smaw touns o McMurdo an Palmer neist the sea. There's a science base at the Sooth Pole whaur experiments is cairit oot, maistly adae wi the wather an ooter space exploration.

Antarcticae's the ae continent wi nae kintras. Nane o the laund in Antarcticae belangs ony kintra.

There' nae mony plants in Antarcticae; the ae muckle air-braithin ainimals is penguins, selchs, an whales.

Antarcticae's surroundit bi the Pacific Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean, an the Indie Ocean, but nouadays, the seas neist tae it is cried the "Soothren Ocean". The neist nearest continent is Sooth Americae.

Oreigin o Nemm[eedit | eedit soorce]

The nemm Antarcticae is gien frae a Roman version o a Greek word 'Antarktike'. Anti is for common uised as a conter word in baith Greek an Inglish leeds an sicwyce Antarcticae means the conter o The Arctic Land o The North. Anti an Arctic thegither gies us the compoond word Antarcticae.

Geographie[eedit | eedit soorce]

Unique tae Antarcticae is the fack it is awmaist hailie cuivered bi Glacier Ice.Tho aftimes sic Ice cuiver is referred tae as the ae singil Ice sheet,in truith it is twa sindrie lairge aureas o ice at differ frae ither in baith physical an heistorical terms. Thir Ice sheets are cryed Aest an Wast Antarcticaen Ice sheets. The Aest Ice sheet is baith the maist muckle o the twa alang wi bein the thickest an auldest an aw.

Tho the continent itsel isnae centred ower The Sooth Pole,the muckle pairt faws intil the Aestern hemisphere an is sae defined bi The Prime Meridian. The Wastren Ice sheet hauds a smawer aurea o land athin The Wastren Hemisphere. This haes The Weddell Sea on the tae side an Ross Sea on the tither. The Moontains cryed The Transantarctic Moontains extend athort the Continent giein us a kennable mairch atween Aest Antarcticae (Muckle Antarcticae) an Wast Antarcticae (Lesser Antarcticae). Ither nor pairts o the Aest Antarcticaen Coast an Penninsula the maist feck o Antarcticae is Sooth o The Antarctic Circle.

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