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Frae Wikipedia, the free beuk o knawledge
Trees covered wi snaw
Snaw on Ben Nevis
Occurrence o snawfaw:
  Snaw belaw 500 meters abuin sea level every year.
  Snaw belaw 500m abuin sea level, but not in aw o its territory (esp. in some coastal an/or desert areas).
  Snaw abuin 500 meters abuin sea level every year, however it can snaw below this level every few years.
  Snaw only abuin 500 meters abuin sea level.
  Snaw only abuin 2,000 meters abuin sea level.
  Withoot snaw.

Snaw is gealt ice creestals o rain. Whan cloods is fou thay poor oot rain but in cauld wather ice creestals faws oot as wee saft flauchts cried snawflauchts.

At a speceefic temperatur (cried the freezin pynt, 0° Celsius, 32° Fahrenheit), snaw melts awa an turns intae watter. Whiles, the snaw melts gey fast an turns intae watter vapour, watter in the air. This is cried sublimation. The ither wey aboot, whaur watter vapour turns intae snaw, is cried deposeetion.

Snaw is needit for some winter sport acteevities like skiin an snawbuirdin. Fowk can play wi snaw an big hings wi it, like snawmen an snawbaws.