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Trees aroond a lochan.
Tree in Costa Rica

A tree, auld-farrant an poetic plural: treen, uisit in Nn., is a heich plaunt wi a trunk an brainches makkit o wid. It can live for mony a year. The fower main pairts o a tree is the ruits, the trunk, the brainches or beuchs, an the leafs.

The ruits o a tree is unner the grund. A single tree haes mony ruits. The ruits carry fuid an watter frae the grund throu the trunk an brainches tae the leafs o the tree.

The trunk is the main shank o the tree. The trunk is coverit ower wi bark whilk keeps it frae herm. Brainches graw frae the trunk. They spreid oot sae that the leafs can get sunlicht.

The leafs o a tree is byordinar green, bit they micht can come in mony colours, shapes an sizes. The leafs tak the sunlicht an uise water an fuid frae the ruits tae mak the tree graw, an tae reproduce.

There's mony kins o tree. Here is a list o some o thaim:

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