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Thermometer wi Fahrenheit (marked on ooter bezel) an Celsius (marked on inner dial) degree units
  Kintras that use Fahrenheit.
  Kintras that use both Fahrenheit an Celsius.
  Kintras that use Celsius.

Fahrenheit is a temperatur scale based on ane proposed in 1724 bi the Pols-born German pheesicist Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit (1686–1736), efter whom the scale is named.[1] It uises the degree Fahrenheit (symbol °F) as the unit. There exist several accoonts o hou he oreeginally defined his scale. The lawer definin pynt, 0 °F, wis established as the temperatur o a solution o brine made frae equal pairts o ice an saut. Further leemits war established as the meltin pynt o ice (32 °F) an his best estimate o the average human bouk temperatur (96 °F, aboot 2.5 °F less nor modren measurements).[2] The scale is nou usually defined bi twa fixed points: the temperatur at which watter freezes intae ice is defined as 32 °F, an the bilin pynt o watter is defined tae be 212 °F, a 180 °F separation, as defined at sea level an staundart atmospheric pressur.

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