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Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit

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Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit
Born24 Mey 1686 (in auld Breetish soorces as 14 Mey Auld Style)
Danzig, (Gdańsk) Pols-Lithuanie Commonwealth
Dee'd16 September 1736(1736-09-16) (aged 50)
The Hague, Netherlands
Kent forFahrenheit temperatur scale, Fahrenheit hydrometer, first mercury-in-gless thermometer
Scientific career
FieldsPheesics, thermometry

Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit (/ˈfærənˌht/; German: [ˈfaːʀənhait]; 24 Mey 1686 – 16 September 1736) wis a German pheesicist, ingineer, an gless blower who is best kent for inventin the mercury-in-gless thermometer (1714), an for developin a temperature scale nou named efter him.[1]

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