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Federative Republic o Brazil
  • República Federativa do Brasil  (Portuguese)
  • "Ordem e Progresso" (Portuguese)
  • "Order an Progress"
BRA orthographic.svg
Caipital Brasão do Distrito Federal (Brasil).svg Brasília
15°47′S 47°52′W / 15.783°S 47.867°W / -15.783; -47.867
Lairgest ceety Brasão da cidade de São Paulo.svg São Paulo
Offeecial leids Portuguese[1]
Ethnic groups (2010[2])
Demonym Brazilian
Govrenment Federal presidential constitutional republic
• Preses
Jair Bolsonaro
Hamilton Mourão
Eduardo Cunha
Renan Calheiros
Gilmar Mendes
Legislatur Naitional Congress
Federal Senate
Chamber o Deputies
Unthirldom frae Unitit Kinrick o Portugal, Brazil an the Algarves
• Declared
7 September 1822
29 August 1825
• Republic
15 November 1889
5 October 1988
• Tot
8,515,767 km2 (3,287,956 sq mi) (5t)
• Water (%)
• 2013 estimate
201,032,714[3][4] (5t)
• Density
23.7/km2 (61.4/sq mi) (192nt)
GDP (PPP) 2014 estimate
• Total
$2.523 trillion[5] (7t)
• Per capita
$12,528[5] (79t)
GDP (nominal) 2014 estimate
• Tot
$2.170 trillion[5] (8th)
• Per capita
$10,773[5] (63rd)
Gini (2012) positive decrease 51.9[6]
HDI (2012) Increase 0.730[7]
heich · 85t
Currency Real (R$) (BRL)
Time zone UTC−2 tae −5 (BRT)
• Summer (DST)
UTC−2 tae −5 (BRST)
Date format dd/mm/yyyy (CE)
Drivin side richt
Cawin code +55
ISO 3166 code BR
Internet TLD .br

Brazil (pronounced /brəˈzɪl/ (deprecatit template); Portuguese: Brasil, IPA: [bɾaˈziw]), offeecially the Federative Republic o Brazil (Portuguese: República Federativa do Brasil, Aboot this soondlisten ), is the lairgest kintra in Sooth Americae. It is the warld's fift lairgest kintra, baith bi geographical aurie an bi population wi ower 190 million fowk. It is the anerlie Portuguese-speakin kintra in the Americas an the lairgest lusophone kintra in the warld.

Bundit bi the Atlantic Ocean on the east, Brazil haes a coastline o ower 7,491 kilometers (4,655 mi). It is bordered on the north bi Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname an the French owerseas depairtment o French Guiana; on the northwast bi Colombie; on the wast bi Bolivie an Peru; on the soothwast bi Argentinae an Paraguay an on the sooth bi Uruguay. Numerous archipelagos form pairt o Brazilian territory, sic as Fernando de Noronha, Rocas Atoll, Saunt Peter an Paul Rocks, an Trindade an Martim Vaz. It haes borders wi aw ither Sooth American kintras apairt frae Ecuador an Chile.

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