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Ah'm mindit tae delete this page, sin it's format badly, and isnae i Scots. Ony objections? Bazza 09:28, 8 Dizember 2009 (UTC)

Hou's thon? A'm juist laith tae delete onything acause A see it as a step backwarts. But that's juist me haha. Scroggie 12:49, 8 Dizember 2009 (UTC)

If Ah can be bothered, Ah'll redd things up a wee bittie, bit Ah dinnae want the wiki fillin up wi bad Inglis airticles... Onywey, thon's much better! Bazza 15:00, 8 Dizember 2009 (UTC)

Aye, A gree wi ye. A didnae mean onything by it. A juist want wir encyclopaedia tae hae an airticle on aathing whilk A ken is a lang, lang, wey aff. But ivery airticle stub is a step forrit. Wir encyclopaedia is no quite ready for tae be uised tae lear fae juist yet but A think that haein a wide scope o stubs shawin the names o things in Scots an lain the foonds o a graet encyclopaedia that fowk will want tae eik tae. Thon got a bittie deep for a collogue on deletion haha. Scroggie 15:50, 8 Dizember 2009 (UTC)