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This body kens whit wey tae uise complex Inglis an disnae like the ower-simple Simple English.
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Nae union atween Scotland an Ingland.

Wee Willie Winkie[eedit | eedit soorce]

Wee Willie Winkie rins throu the toun,
Up stair an doun stair in his nicht-goun,
Tirlin at the windae, cryin at the lock,
Are the bairns in thair bed, for it's nou ten o'clock?
Hey, Willie Winkie, are ye comin ben?
The cat's singin grey thrums tae the sleepin hen,
The dog's spelder'd on the fluir, an disna gie a cheep,
But here's a waukrife laddie! that winna faa asleep!"
Onything but sleep, you rogue! glow'ring like the muin,
Rattlin in an airn jug wi an airn spuin,
Rummlin, tummling roond aboot, crawin like a cock,
Skirlin like a kenna-what, wauk'nin sleepin fock.
"Hey, Willie Winkie - the bairn's in a creel!
Wamblin aff a bodie's knee like a very eel,
Ruggin at the cat's lug, an ravelin aa her thrums-
Hey, Willie Winkie - see, thare he comes!"
Wearied is the mither that haes a stoorie bairn,
A wee stumple stoussie, that canna rin his lane,
That haes a battle aye wi sleep afore he'll close an ee-
But a kiss frae aff his rosy lips gies strenth anew tae me.

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