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Coordinates: 4°N 56°W / 4°N 56°W / 4; -56

Republic o Suriname

Republiek Suriname  (Dutch)
Motto: "Justitia – Pietas – Fides" (Laitin)
"Juistice – Piety – Trust"
AnthemGod zij met ons Suriname  (Dutch)
God be wi oor Suriname
Location o Suriname
and largest city
5°50′N 55°10′W / 5.833°N 55.167°W / 5.833; -55.167
Offeecial leidsDutch
Recognised regional leids
Vernacular leidSranan Tongo Creole
Ethnic groups
GovrenmentUnitar pairlamentary republic
• Preses
Dési Bouterse
Ashwin Adhin
LegislaturNaitional Assembly
• Constituent kintra athin the Kinrick o the Netherlands
15 December 1954
• frae the Kinrick of the Netherlands
25 November 1975
• Current constitution
30 September 1987
• Total
163,821 km2 (63,252 sq mi) (92nt)
• Water (%)
• Julie 2016 estimate
585,824[8] (166t)
• 2012 census
• Density
2.9/km2 (7.5/sq mi) (231st)
GDP (PPP)2017 estimate
• Total
$7.961 billion[9]
• Per capita
GDP (nominal)2017 estimate
• Tot
$3.641 billion[9]
• Per capita
Gini (1999)52.9[10]
HDI (2015)Steady 0.725[11]
heich · 97t
CurrencySurinamese dollar (SRD)
Time zoneUTC-3 (SRT)
Drivin sidecaur
Cawin code+597
ISO 3166 codeSR
Internet TLD.sr
Territorial organization

Suriname, offeecially the Republic o Suriname is a kintra in northren Sooth Americae. Its geographical size is juist unner 165,000 km² (64,000 sq mi), an it haes an estimatit population o exactly 52,000 inbiders (2010 census) maist o thaim live on the kintra's north coast, whaur the caipital Paramaribo is locatit.

Suriname wis lang inhabitit bi various indigenous fowk afore bein explored an contestit bi European pouers frae the 16t century, eventually comin unner Dutch rule in the late 17t century. In the Dutch colonial period, it wis primarily a plantation economy dependent on African sclaves an, follaein the aboleetion o sclavery, indenturt servants frae Asie. In 1954, Suriname becam ane o the constituent kintras o the Kinrick o the Netherlands. On 25 November 1975, the kintra o Suriname left the Kinrick o the Netherlands tae acome an independent state, nanetheless mainteenin close economic, diplomatic, an cultural ties to its umwhile coloniser.

Suriname is conseedert tae be a culturally Caribbean kintra, an is a member o the Caribbean Commonty (CARICOM). While Dutch is the offeecial leid o govrenment, business, media, an eddication,[8] Sranan, an Inglis-based creole leid, is a widely uised lingua franca. Suriname is the anerly sovereign naition ootside Europe whaur Dutch is spoken bi a majority o the population. As a legacy o colonisation, the fowk o Suriname are amang the maist diverse in the warld, spannin a multitude o ethnic, releegious, an lingueestic groups.

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