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Banner o Suriname

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Banner ratio: 2:3
Presidential Staundart

The Banner o Suriname is formed bi five horizontal baunds o green (top, dooble width), white, red (quadruple width), white, an green (dooble width). Thare is a lairge, yellow, five-pointit starn centred in the reid baund.

The banner wis adoptit on November 25, 1975, upon the unthirldom o Suriname. The starn represents the unity o aw ethnic groups, the reid stripe staunds for progress an luve, the green for hope an fertility, an the white baunds for peace an juistice.

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The pre-unthirldom banner consistit o five coloured starns connectit bi an ellipse. The coloured starns representit the major ethnic groups that comprise the Surinamese population: the oreeginal Amerindians, the colonizin Europeans, the Africans brocht in as slaves tae wirk in plantations an the Hindus, Javanese an Cheenese who came as indentured wirkers tae replace the Africans who escaped slavery an settled in the hinterland. The ellipse representit the harmonious relationship amangst the groups. Thare wis an' a' a banner for uise bi the Govrenor, based on the naitional banner.