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Ceevil banner an ensign. Banner ratio: 15:22

The current banner o Bolivie wis oreeginally adoptit in 1851. The state banner an ensign (an war banner) is a horizontal tricolor o reid, yellae, an green wi the Bolivian coat o airms in the center. Accordin tae ane soorce, the reid staunds for Bolivie's brave soldiers, while the green seembolizes fertility an yellae the naition's mineral deposits.[1]

Accordin tae the new constitution, the Wiphala is considered a naitional seembol o Bolivie (alang wi the banner, naitional anthem, coat o airms, the cockade; kantuta flouer an patujú flouer).[2]

Despite its landlockit status, Bolivie haes a naval ensign uised bi navy vessels on rivers an lakes. It consists o a blue field wi the state banner in the canton bordered bi nine sma yellae five-pointit starns, wi a lairger yellae five-pointit starn in the flee. The nine sma starns represent the nine depairtments o Bolivie, an the lairger starn the naition's rigcht tae access the sea (access that it lost in 1884 in the War o the Paceefic).

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