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FIAV 111111.svgIFIS Two-sided.svg Flag o Paraguay (obverse). Flag ratio: 3:5
FIAV 111111.svgIFIS Reverse.svg Flag o Paraguay (reverse). Flag ratio: 3:5
Presidential Standard o Paraguay

The banner o Paraguay (Spaingie: bandera de Paraguay) wis adopted in 1842. It, the naitional flag o Moldova, an the naitional flag o Saudi Arabie ar the anerlie national flags wi different emblems on their obverse an reverse sides.

Each side o the flag consists o three equal, horizontal bands: red, white, an blue, wi an emblem centered in the white band. The emblem on the obverse side is the naitional Coat o airms o Paraguay: a yellow five-pointed star surrounded bi a green wreath capped bi the wirds REPUBLICA DEL PARAGUAY ("Republic o Paraguay"), all within twa concentric circles); the emblem on the reverse side is the seal o the treasury (a yellow lion below a red liberty cap an the words Paz y Justicia ("Peace an Justice") capped bi REPUBLICA DEL PARAGUAY, again within twa circles.

Its colors bear resemblance tae the modern banner o the Netherlands.

The design o the flag wis simplified in 1991.

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