Coat o airms o Paraguay

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The naitional coat o airms o Paraguay ("Escudo de Armas") haes the follaein construction:

Roond, white background, reid border wi the inscription: "República del Paraguay", tae the left a green palm branch an tae the right a green olive branch, an baith ar tied thegither. In the middle thare is a five-pynt yellae star.

The Reverse o the Arms features a lion, in front o a staff an leeberty cap, wi the inscription "Paz Y Justicia", meanin "peace an justice". While probably maist prominent on the reverse o the naitional banner, reverse o the seal is an aa uised bi the Supreme Court o Paraguay, an is featurt alangside the obverse on banknotes o the naitional currency, the Guaraní.

The first design o the coat o airms dates tae the year 1820, frae the time o the dictatorship o Francia.