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Flag of Chile.svg

The naitional banner o Chile, consists o twa unequal horizontal baunds o white an reid an a blue square the same heicht as the white baund in the canton, which bears a white five-pointit starn in the center. It wis adoptit on October 18, 1817. The Chilean banner is forby kent as (Spainyie) La Estrella Solitaria [1] (Inglis: The Lone Star).

The starn represents a guide tae progress an honour; blue seembolizes the sky an the Paceefic Ocean, white is for the snaw-covered Andes, an reid staunds for the bluid spilled tae achieve unthirldom.[2]

Accordin tae the epic poem La Araucana, the colors wur derived frae those frae the banner flewn bi the Mapuche durin the Arauco War. "Flag Day" is held each year on the nint o Julie tae commemorate the 77 soldiers who dee'd in the 1882 Battle o La Concepción.

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