Banner o Colombie

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The banner o Colombie wis adoptit on November 26, 1861. It is a horizontal tricolour o yellae, blue an reid. The yellae stripe takes up the tap hauf o the banner an the blue an reid tak up a quarter o the space each.

Naitional banner an state ensign. Banner ratio: 2:3
Ceevil ensign. Banner ratio: 2:3
Naval ensign. Banner ratio: 2:3

Seembolism an design[eedit | eedit soorce]

Banner o Colombie in Cartagena, Colombie.

The horizontal stripes (frae tap tae bottom) o yellae, blue an reid tricolour hae a ration o 2:1:1. It - thegither wi that o Ecuador, an aa derived frae the Banner o Gran Colombie - is different frae maist ither tricolour banners, either vertical or horizontal, in haein strips which are no equal in size. (Venezuela, whose banner is an aa derived frae the same soorce, optit for a mair conventional tricolour wi equal strips).

The offeecial colours hae no yet been established bi law. Housomeivver, it is recommendit tae uise the follaein:

Scheme Yellow Blue Red
Pantone 116 287 186
RGB 252-209-22 0-56-147 206-17-38
CMYK C0-M17.1-Y91.3-K0 C100-M61.9-Y0-K42.4 C0-M91.7-Y81.6-K19.2
HEX #FCD116 #003893 #CE1126

Accordin tae the current interpretation, the colours signify:

  •    Yellow: represents aw the gowd foond in the Colombian land.
  •    Blue: represents the seas on Colombie's shores.
  •    Red: represents the bluid spilled on the battlegrunds bi the heroes who gained Colombie's freedom.

Ither variations on the interpretation o the colours exist, such as, "Yellow, for the sun an land o the fowk. Blue, for the water that haulds up the fowk an finally, Red, for the blood shed bi the fowk who fought for the independence o Colombie."

Awtho thare are nae regulations statin the shape o the banner, it tradeetionally is established at 2:3.