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Coat o airms o Suriname

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On 25 November 1975 the independent Republic o Suriname adoptit an offeecial coat o airms. The motto reads Justitia - Pietas - Fides (Juistice - Piety - Fidelity). It further consists o twa natives who carry a shield. The left hauf o the shield seembolizes the past, as slaves wur abductit via ship oot o [[Africae]e]. The richt hauf, the side o the present, shows a Ryal Palm, an aa the seembol o a juist body ("The juist body shoud blossom like a palm"). The diamond in the middle is the stylized form o the hert, which is regardit as the organ o love. The pynts o the diamond shaw the fower directions o the wind. Inside the diamond is a five-pointit starn. This starn seembolizes the five continents frae which the indwallers o Suriname migratit: Africae, Americae, Australie, Asie, an Europe.