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Coat o airms o Argentinae

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The Coat o Airms o Argentinae (Spaingie: Escudo de la República Argentina) wis established in its current form in 1944, but haes its oreegins in the seal o the Sovereign General Assembly o 1813, tho thare is no kent decree or ony ither teep o order or authorisation orderin its specific uise. It is supposed, housomeivver, that this seembol wis chosen quickly acause o the existence o a decree signed on Februar 22, sealed wi that seal. The first mention o it in a public document dates tae Mairch 12 o that same year, in which it is statit that this seal haed tae be uised bi the executive pouer, that is, the seicont triumvirate. On Aprile 13 the Naitional Assembly coined the new siller an gowd coins, each wi the seal o the Assembly on the reverse, in that way what stairtit as a seal became a naitional coat o airms. On Aprile 27 the Coat o Airms became a Naitional Emblem. The decree states an aa that the Coat o Airms shoud no be uised in banners, tho Belgrano ordered tae paint the Coat o Airms ower the banner he gae tae the ceety o Jujuy. Mairower, durin the Argentine War o Unthirldom, maist banners haed the Coat o Airms.

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