Coat o airms o Colombie

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Coat o airms o Colombie

The Coat o Airms o Colombie contains a shield wi numerous seembols. Perched on tap o the shield is an Andean Condor hauldin an olive croun an the condor seembolisin freedom. The naitional motto, Libertad y Orden (Spainyie for Liberty an Order), is on a scroll in atween the bird an the shield in black font ower gaulden backgrund. The condor is depictit facin front wi his wings extendit an leukin tae the richt.

Description[eedit | eedit soorce]

The naitional banner is draped on each side o the shield. The shield is broken intae three portions. In the lawermaist portion is a depiction o ships, pointin tae the maritime history o Colombie, namely tae the Isthmus o Panama, which wis pairt o Colombie till 1903. Nouadays represents the twa oceans that border the kintra (Atlantic an Pacific). The sails mean the Colombian commerce wi the rest o the warld an the risin economy. In the middle section, ower a field o platinum, the Phrygian cap is presentit; this bein a traditional seembol o leeberty an freedom. The topmost section contains a pomegranate ower a field o azure, as a seembol o the Viceroyalty o New Granada (early colonial name o Colombie back in 19t century), in the middle flanked bi twa cornucopias or ,,, bi Francisco de Paula Santander, an wis adoptit via Act 3 o Mey 9, 1834, wi later non-essential modifications accordin tae Ordinance 861 o 1924.

Criticism[eedit | eedit soorce]

Some critics hae argued that the Coat o Airms is ootdatit an anachronistic, bein the Andean Condor a vera threatened species in the kintra, wi barely 100 creatures soarin the landscape. It haes an aa been discussed that the condor is still a vulture an feeds o carrion, makin it an ainimal wi a law profile that niver hunts its awn fuid. In addition, the andean condor is an aa the naitional bird o Ecuador, Bolivie, Chile an Argentinae. The pomegranate, bein a Mediterranean fruit is no currently cultivatit in Colombie an the phrygian cap is o Greek oreegin. The Isthmus of Panama, nae langer belongin tae Colombie, haes an aa been suggestit tae be chynged.

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