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Coat o airms o Brazil

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The coat o airms o Brazil wis creaut in November 19, 1889, fower day efter Brazil became a republic.

The coat o airms consists o the central emblem surroondit bi coffee (at the left) an tobacco (at the richt) branches, that wis important craps in Brazil at that time.

In the blue circle in the center, the Soothren Cross (forby kent as Cruzeiro dae Sul) can be seen. The ring o 27 starns aroond it represents Brazil's 26 states an the Federal Destrict.

The blue ribbon contains the offeecial name o Brazil (República Federativa dae Brasil — Federative Republic o Brazil) in its first line. In the seicont line, the date o the federative republic's establishment (November 15, 1889) is written.

Naitional airms[eedit | eedit soorce]

The Naitional Airms o the Republic wur institutit bi Decree No. 4, wi alteration made bi Law No. 5443 o 28 Mey 1968 (Annex No. 8) The makkin o the Naitional Airms shoud conform tae the proportions o 15 units o heicht bi 14 o width an tak intae accoont the follaein proveesions:

  • I - The roond shield will be componed o a lift-blue [azul-celeste] field containin five siller [prata] starns arranged in the form o the Southren Cross, wi the bordure [bordura] o the field ootlined in gowd an chairged wi siller starns equal tae the starns existin in the Naitional Banner (Modification made bi Law No. 8421 o 11 Mey 1972).
  • II - The shield will be placed on a starn pairtit gyronny o ten piece, green [sinopla] an gowd, bordered bi twa strips, the inner reid [goles] an the ooter gowd.
  • III - Aw placed on a swuird in pale, pommelled gowd, hiltit blue [blau], except for the centre pairt, which is reid [goles] an contains a siller starn, aw upon a croun formed bi a branch o coffee fruited on the dexter side an anither o flouerin tobacco on the sinister side, baith in proper colors, tied blue [blau], the whole assembled on a splendor o gowd, the contours o which form a starn o 20 pynts.
  • IV - On a blue [blau] scroll, placed ower the pommel o the swuird, inscribed in gowd the legend "República Federativa do Brasil" in the center, an an' a' the phrases "15 de Novembro" on the dexter end an "de 1889" on the sinister end.

Airms o the Empire o Brazil[eedit | eedit soorce]

The Airms o the Empire o Brazil wur uised bi baith Emperors Pedro I an Pedro II till the dounfall o the monarchy in 1889. Thir airms hae remained unuised syne.

On 18 September 1822, eleiven days efter proclaimin Brazil's unthirldom Ryal Prince Dom Pedro signed a decree institutin thir airms statin "...henceforth the airms o this Empire o Brazil will be, on a green field, a gowd armillary sphere superimposed on a cross o the Order o Christ, the sphere encircled bi 19 silver starns on a blue circle; an an imperial croun wi diamonds set atop the shield, the sides o whilk will be embraced bi twa plants o coffee an tobacco, as emblems o its [the Empire's] riches, in their proper colors an tied at the bottom wi the naitional bow-knot."[1]

On 12 October 1822, whan the new independent kintra wis declared an Empire an Prince Pedro became the kintra's first emperor, the coat o airms became kent as the Imperial Coat o Arims.[1]

The nummer o starns in the coat o airms reflectit the nummer o provinces in the Brazilian Empire.

The design o the Croun in the coat o arms chynged the twice. Frae 18 September til 12 October 1822, the day whan Emperor Dom Pedro I wis crouned, the design o the Royal Crown o Portugal wis uised; frae that day til 18 Julie 1841, the design o the Imperial Croun made for the first Brazilian Emperor wis uised.

On the latter date, when Brazil's seicont emperor, Pedro II wis crouned, uisin a new richer croun that wis manufactured for him, the design o sic a Croun replaced the image o the aulder diadem in the coat o airms, an remained in uise till the dounfa o the Empire. That is the best-kent version o the imperial coat o airms o Brazil.

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