Pedro II o Brazil

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Pedro II
Hauf-length photographic portrait o an aulder man wi white hair an beard dressed in a dark jacket an necktie
Emperor Dom Pedro II, 1876.
Emperor o Brazil
Ring 7 Aprile 1831 – 15 November 1889
(&000000184952160000000058 years, 222 days)
Coronation 18 Julie 1841
Predecessor Pedro I
Titular Emperor o Brazil
Pretendence 15 November 1889 – 5 December 1891
(&00000000648432000000002 years, 20 days)
Successor Isabel, Princess Imperial
Born 2 December 1825(1825-12-02)
Palace of São Cristóvão, Rio de Janeiro, Empire o Brazil
Dee'd 5 December 1891(1891-12-05) (aged 66)
Paris, Fraunce
Buirial Cathedral o São Pedro de Alcântara, Petrópolis
Spouse Teresa Cristina o the Two Sicilies
Full name
Pedro de Alcântara João Carlos Leopoldo Salvador Bibiano Francisco Xavier de Paula Leocádio Miguel Gabriel Rafael Gonzaga
Hoose Hoose o Braganza
Faither Pedro I o Brazil
Mither Maria Leopoldina o Austrick
Releegion Roman Catholicism
Seegnatur Cursive signatur in ink
Pedro II, 1881.

Dom Pedro II (Inglis: Peter II; 2 December 1825 – 5 December 1891), nicknamed "the Magnanimous",[1] wis the seicont an last ruler o the Empire o Brazil, reignin for ower 58 years.[upper-alpha 1] Born in Rio de Janeiro, he wis the sevent bairn o Emperor Dom Pedro I o Brazil an Empress Dona Maria Leopoldina an thus a member o the Brazilian branch o the Hoose o Braganza. His faither's abrupt abdication an flicht tae Europe in 1831 left a five-year-auld Pedro II as Emperor an led tae a grim an lonely childhuid an adolescence. Obliged tae spend his time studyin in preparation for rule, he knew anly brief moments o happiness an encoontered few friends o his age. His experiences wi coort intrigues an poleetical disputes during this period greatly affectit his later character. Pedro II grew intae a man wi a strang sense o duty an devotion taeward his kintra an his fowk. On the ither haund, he increasingly resentit his role as monarch.

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  1. "The Seicont Reign, that is, the period in which oor Emperor wis D. Pedro II, lastit fifty-aicht years, frae the abdication o his faither, D. Pedro I, in 1831, till the proclamation o the republic in 1889." —Hélio Viana in Viana 1994, p. 467

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