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Coat o airms o Chile

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The coat o airms o Chile dates frae 1834 an wis designed bi the Inglis airtist Charles Wood Taylor. It is made up bi a figurative backgrund dividit in twa equal pairts: the tap ane is blue an the bottom, red. A five pointit white starn is in the centre o the shield. This backgrund is supportit in ane side bi a condor, the maist significant bird o prey frae the Andes, an in the ither, bi a huemul, the maist singular an rare mammal o the Chilean territory. Baith ainimals hae in thair heids the navy's gowden croun, seembol o the heroic deeds o the Chilean Navy in the Paceefic Ocean.

The coat o airms is crouned bi a three feathered crest; each feather bearin ane colour: blue, white an reid. This crest wis a seembol o distinction that umwhile Presidents o the Republic uised tae wear on thair hats.

Unnerneath the coat o airms an on the ellaboratit pedestal, thare is a white baund wi the motto: "Por la Razón o la Fuerza" ("Bi reason or bi force").

This emblem is the last o a series o variations due tae diverse circumstances an unnerstaundins.

The first Coat o airms

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First Chilean shield

The first Coat o airms wis established durin the office o Preses José Miguel Carrera, in 1812. It wis designed ower an oval in which centre wis depictit a column representin the Tree o Freedom. On tap o this column wis a terrestrial globe; ower the globe, a lance an a palm leaf crossed an ower thir twa, a starn.

Staundin, on baith sides o the fixture, wis the figure o a woman an a man, baith indigenous. On tap o aathing wis written, in Laitin, "Post Tenebras Lux" ("Efter the Daurkness, Licht") an at the bottom, "Aut Consilio Aut Ense" ("Bi Cooncil or bi Sword").

In 1817 twa new Coats o airms emerged, baith variations o this last ane, but did no last lang.

Transitory coat o airms

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Seicont Chilean Coat o airms uised in 1818

Twa years later, on 23 September 1819, a new project for a coat o airms wis approved in the Senate. It wis a daurk blue field, wi a column staundin on a white marble pedestal in the middle. On tap o this column, the new American warld wi the wird "Freedom" ower it. Abuin this sign, a five pointit starn, representin the Province o Santiago. Twa seemilar starns, representin Concepción an Coquimbo, wur at each side o the column.

This combination o elements wis surroondit bi twa sma branches o laurel wi thair buds tied wi a tricolor ribbon. Aroond this ribbon, the whole aromory o the kintra wis depictit in strict order: cavalry, infantry, dragons, artillery an bombardiers.

Tae complete the Coat o airms, an indigenous man held it wi his haunds ower his heid, while sittin on an American cayman wi ane fuit restin on the Horn o Plenty. The cayman haed, in its jaws, the Lion o Castile, whose croun laid fallen on ane side an wis hauldin the ripped Spainyie banner wi its front paws.

Freemit airtins

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