Banner o Spain

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The banner o Spain (Spaingie: La Bandera de España), as it is defined in the Spaingie Constitution o 1978, consists o three horizontal stripes: reid, yellae an reid, the yellae stripe bein twice the size o each reid stripe. Tradeetionally, the middle stripe wis defined bi the mair archaic term o gualda, an hence the popular name rojigualda (red-weld).

The oreegin o the current banner o Spain is the naval ensign o 1783,[1] Pabellón de la Marina de Guerra unner Charles III o Spain. It wis chosen bi Charles III hissel amang 12 different banners designed bi Antonio Valdés y Bazán (aw projectit banners wur presentit in a drawin which is in the Naval Museum o Madrid).[2] The banner remained marine for muckle o the next 50 years, flyin ower coastal fortresses, marine barracks an ither naval property. Durin the Peninsular War the banner coud an aa be foond on marine regiments fechtin inland. No till 1820 wis the first Spaingie land unit (The La Princesa Regiment) providit wi ane an it wis no till 1843 that Queen Isabella II o Spain wad mak the banner offeecial.

Throughoot the 18t, 19t, an 20t centuries, the colour scheme o the banner remained intact, wi the exception o the Seicont Republic period (1931–1939); the ae chynges centred on the coat o airms.

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