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Preses o Brazil

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Preses o the
Federative Republic o Brazil
Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva

since 1 Januar 2023
StyleMr. Preses or even semply Preses
Maist Excellent Mr. Preses o the Republic
His Excellency
(alternative formal, diplomatic)
ResidencePalácio da Alvorada
Term lengthFower years, renewable ance consecutively
Inaugural holderDeodoro da Fonseca
Februar 26, 1891
FurmationProclamation o the Republic
November 15, 1889
Salary$320,678 annually[1]

The Preses o Brazil (offeecially the Preses o the Federative Republic o Brazil or simply the Preses o the Republic) is baith the heid o state an heid o govrenment o the Federative Republic o Brazil. The president leads the executive branch o the federal govrenment and is the commander-in-chief o the Brazilian Armed Forces. The presidential system wis established in 1889, upon the proclamation o the republic in a militar coup d'état against the Emperor Dom Pedro II. Syne then, Brazil haed sax constitutions, twa dictatorships an three democratic periods. Durin these democratic periods, votin haes always been compulsory.


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