Banner o Jordan

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The banner o Jordan, offeecially adoptit on 16 Aprile 1928, is based on the banner o the Arab Revolt against the Ottoman Empire durin Warld War I. The banner is black, white an green stripes that are aw connectit bi a reid triangle. The colors staund for the Abbasid, Umayyad an Fatimid Caliphates. The reid triangle is for the Hashemite dynasty an the Arab Revolt.

The seiven-pointit starn staunds for the seiven verses o the first surah in the Qur'an, an an' a' staunds for the unity o the Arab fowks. Some believe it an aa refers tae the seiven hills on which Amman, the caipital, wis biggit.

The colors o the Jordanian banner are those o the Pan-Arab banner. Thay wur first uised in 1917 tae represent "pan-Arabianism", which sought unthirldom frae the Ottoman Empire.

Features[eedit | eedit soorce]

The Jordan banner features three horizontal baunds. The three colors uised in the banner are black, white an green respectively. The colour black staunds for Abbasid Caliphate o Islam, white staunds for the Umayyad Caliphate o Islam an the colour green staunds for Fatimid Caliphate o Islam.

Aw these three baunds in the banner o Jordan are connectit tae a reid-colored seemmetrical triangle representin the Great Arab Revolt in 1916. The triangle an aa represents the Hashemite dynasty.

A white star wi seiven pynts is featurt on the hoist side o the reid triangle. The seiven pynts seembolise the seiven verses o Islamic belief, which is mentioned at the beginnin o Qur’an. The seiven pynts represent faith in ane God, humanity, humility, naitional spirit, virtue, social juistice an aspiration. The starn an aa staunds for the unity o the Arab fowk.

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