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Banner o Armenie

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The naitional banner o Armenie, the Armenian Tricolour (kent in Armenian as Եռագույն, Yerakouyn), consists o three horizontal baunds o equal width, reid on the tap, blue in the middle, an orange (an aa describit as "colour o apricot") on the bottom. The Armenian Supreme Soviet adoptit the current banner on 24 August 1990. On 15 Juin 2006, the Law on the Naitional Banner o Armenie, governin its uisage, wis passed bi the Naitional Assembly o Armenie.

Throughoot history, thare hae been mony variations o the Armenian banner. In auncient times, Armenian dynasties wur representit bi different seembolic ainimals displayed on thair banners.[1] In the twintiet century, various Soviet banners representit the Armenian naition.

The meanings o the colors hae been interpretit in mony different ways. For ensaumple, red haes stood for the bluid shed bi Armenian sodgers in war, blue for the Armenian sky, an orange represents the fertile lands o Armenie an the wirkers who wirk them.[2]

The offeecial definition o the colors, as statit in the Constitution o the Republic o Armenie, is:

The Red emblematizes the Armenian Hieland, the Armenian fowk's continued struggle for survival, maintenance o the Christian faith, Armenie's unthirldom an freedom. The Blue emblematizes the will o the fowk o Armenie tae live beneath peaceful skies. The Orange emblematizes the creative talent an haurd-wirkin nature o the fowk o Armenie.[3]

Design[eedit | eedit soorce]

Syne the Armenian govrenment daes no specify the exact shades o reid, blue, an orange, twa different versions o the banner are in common uise. The mair common version consists o brichter shades, whauras the colors o the less common version are mair mutit. The follaein table gies the approximate RGB values o the colors uised in those twa versions:[4]

Mair common version Less common version
Red 255-0-0 216-28-63
Blue 0-0-170 85-117-196
Orange 255-153-0 239-107-0

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