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The banner o East Timor (Português: Bandeira de Timor-Leste) (forby kent as Timor-Leste) wis adoptit in 2002. It is the same as the 1975 banner.

At midnight on Mey 19, an durin the first moments o Independence Day, 20 Mey 2002, the Unitit Naitions banner wis lawered an the banner o an independent East Timor wis raised.

Banner on a boat aff Dili

As per the Constitution o the Democratic Republic o Timor-Leste, the yellae (PMS 123) triangle represents "the traces o colonialism in East Timor's history". The black triangle represents "the obscurantism that needs tae be owercome"; the reid (PMS 485) base o the banner represents "the struggle for naitional liberation"; the starn, or "the licht that guides", is white tae represent peace.

Ither banners[eedit | eedit soorce]

Banner o CNRT

A different banner haed been suggestit bi the representatives o the Timorese poleetical pairties an organisations durin the first East Timorese Naitional Convention held in Aprile 1998 in Portugal. This banner wis oreeginally the banner o CNRT (National Council of East Timorese Resistance) Conselho Nacional de Resistência Timorense. Because o CNRT's popularity, thare wis a consensus o the participants o the Convention tae adopt thair banner as a temporary banner for East Timor. It wis replaced bi the umwhile design o 1975 in 2002.

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