Banner o Bangladesh

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Flag of Bangladesh.svg
FIAV 000100.svg Ceevil ensign. Flag Ratio: 1:2
Air Force Ensign. Flag Ratio: 1:2
FIAV 000001.svg Naval ensign. Flag Ratio: 1:2
The first banner o an Independent Bangladesh wi the kintra map that does no exist in the current banner.

The naitional banner o Bangladesh (Bengali: বাংলাদেশের জাতীয় পতাকা) wis adoptit offeecially on 17 Januar 1972. It is based on a similar banner uised durin the Bangladesh Liberation War o 1971. The map wis later deletit frae the banner bi the order o General Abul Manzur, maist likely tae simplify the design. A red disc is on top o the green field, affset slichtly toward the hoist so that it appears centred when the banner is flyin. The red disc represents the sun risin ower Bengal, an an aa the blood o those who dee'd for the unthrildom o Bangladesh. The green field staunds for the lushness o the land o Bangladesh. The red disc is a socialist seembol o the risin Sun o unthirldom efter the daurk nicht o a blood-drenched struggle against Pakistan.[1]

The ceevil ensign an naval ensign place the naitional banner in the canton o a red or white field, respectively.

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