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Banner o Tajikistan

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Banner o the Tajik Soviet Socialist Republic in 1953-1991.

Tajikistan wis the last o the umwhile Soviet republics tae reveal a new banner (Tajik: Парчами Тоҷикистон, Parcami Toçikiston), which wis adoptit in November 1992. The ane common link atween this an the 1953 SSR banner is the choice o colors - red, white an green. The umwhile Tajik SSR, whiles referred tae as the "Tadzhik SSR" (Roushie: Таджикская ССР), addit white an green stripes tae the banner o the USSR. The stripin an aa emphasizes Tajikistan's Persian cultur, as Iran's banner haes the same stripes (awtho reid an green are reverst).

The croun represents the Tajik fowk, the name itself arguably is derived frae tajvar, which means "crouned". In traditional Tajik cultural aspects the magic wird "seiven" is a seembol o perfection, the embodiment o happiness an the provider o virtue. Accordin tae Tajik legend, Islamic heaven is componed o seiven bonnie orchids, separatit bi seiven mountains each wi a glaein star on tap. The middle white stripe is ane-an-a-half times the size o the reid an green stripes. The reid represents the unity o the naition an the seembol o the sun an victory; the white represents purity, cotton, the snaw on the mountains an the unity o the fowk; an green stands for the spiritual meanin o Islam an represents the generosity o naitur o the kintra. The seembol charged in the middle o the white stripe is a croun surmountit bi an arc o seiven stars.